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  • Eternity

    Do you know that you will outlive the sun? Do you know that when the earth and the stars have all passed away, you will just be beginning your end-less day? Once you are born you will never cease to live. You will live forever: you will be alive eternally. Eternity has no end. This […]

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  • Conversion and After

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    Conversion is one of the greatest experiences you can ever have. Most people would love to experience it if they knew how rich and blessed it is, and how easily one can be converted. It is such a wonderful thing that none should fear being converted. In fact, all should desire it. Pagans, Muslims, atheists, […]

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  • Amazing Grace

    My life is a demonstration of the fact that God’s grace can reach to the guiltiest, vilest and worst sinner, pick him up from the ruins of sin and transform him into a beautiful heaven-bound saint. The story of my life pulsates with wonder and it attests to God’s ability to save the “chiefest of […]

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